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Whitewater Films Panel Discussion on Independent Film

In the Whitewater Films panel discussion, “The Current State of Independent Films”, watch two-time Sundance-winning director Ondi Timoner discuss the state of independent film. In this special episode from A TOTAL DISRUPTION,  Ondi joins a formidable group of producers, directors, publicists, actors and festival curators in the Whitewater Films panel discussion.

The panel took on the hotly-debated issues facing the industry – including shrinking budgets, crowdfunding, the new distribution landscape, and the potential uses of gamification techniques to engage audiences. The panel included: Joshua Leonard (Actor, “Blair Witch Project” & “Humpday”), Laura Kim (Founder of PR/Marketing firm INSIDE JOB), Jonathan Schwartz (Producer of “Like Crazy” & “Funny Games”), Jill Soloway (Director of “Afternoon Delight”), John Nein (Senior Programmer, Sundance) and was moderated by Sharon Waxman (Journalist, Founder of “The Wrap”.)

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