Elevator Pitch Episode Four: Entrepreneurs Pitch Startup Ideas & Compete for Grand Prize and VC attention


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In Elevator Pitch Episode Four, watch entrepreneurs pitch startups to VCs and get valuable feedback – all under extreme pressure. Leave your comments below – our audience decides the winner!

At the end of 20 episodes, The Elevator Pitch company with the most votes will win the following:
A free pass to Montreal Startup Festival 2013, as well as the chance to meet Wedbush Securities’ Best of the Street Internet, Social Media, and Video Game Analyst, Michael Pachter, as well as with Wedbush Securities executive members. The winner will be featured in the Wedbush Private Share Group weekly PRISM report which has a readership of over 3,000 top institution, VC, and PE clients.

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  • ZachPreston

    TempHunt’s calm, cool, but sadly unconvincing pitch, which the VCs graciously coached at the end, does not deter my vote for its viability. My vote is somewhat personal in that I feel Amir’s pain at the end of having a good idea but not getting that across they way he’d hoped. RHubs is probably a good idea, and had a solid pitch, but doesn’t cover services I use enough to be a club member for. At the office and working through school, for where to work or who to work with, one sees many potential improvements for hiring temps. I would like to see TempHunt creatively exercise technology to out strategize the 800 lb gorillas in 3-piece suits.