Central Park Group – Offering The World Access


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Having worked together at two financial services firms Greg Brousseau and Mitchell Tanzman noticed “Institutions had access to managers and strategies, that the individual just didn’t have access to.” So they decided to do something about it.  They created Central Park Group.

“We wanted to go out on our own, because we wanted to be fully independent and be able to make whatever decisions we thought were the right decisions for our customers,” says Mitchell.

It’s a company that has grown tremendously. “We’ve taken this from a couple of computers and cell phones where we had an idea and created something that today has 20 funds,” says Michael Mascis, a founding partner.

“Much like the internet and many new technologies, that are providing access to information that people never had before, Central Park group is offering the world access to an asset class that has been restricted to institutions,” says Dan Tauber.



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