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LinkedIn’s Co-Founder Reid Hoffman: The Perfect Startup Team

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Got a company in your garage? Co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, tells you who should be in there.

Zaarly’s Local Marketplace: Buyer-Powered Market Platform

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Why ship something from afar when you can get it from your neighbor, and they do it better? Co-founders Bo Fishback & Ian Hunter discuss how Zaarly helps people make money doing what they love.

Scribd’s Trip Adler | The Pivot – A Total Disruption

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How a Stanford neurosurgeon's publishing problem inadvertently led to the development of Scribd, the world's largest online library.

MIT’s Joichi Ito: Startups are Our Future

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MIT Media Lab Director, Joichi Ito, believes that startups are the future of innovation. The cost of starting a business has dropped and students can now create disruptive technology out of their dorm rooms.

James Hong talking Happiness | Byte Size – A Total Disruption

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Hot or Not co-founder James Hong believes people who think about happiness all the time are generally not happy people.

Dom Sagolla, Twitter Co-founder: Kids & Code | Byte Size – A Total Disruption

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Dom Sagolla believes children will redefine programming by evolving beyond syntax and mouse-clicks.

Author Eric Ries explains The Pivot

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Find out how startups “pivot” their strategy and evolve into thriving companies.

Elevator Pitch Episode One: Entrepreneurs Pitch Startup Ideas & Compete for Grand Prize and VC Attention

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Watch entrepreneurs pitch startups to VCs and get valuable feedback - all under extreme pressure.

Introducing A Total Disruption: Featuring Tech Innovators, Entrepreneurs

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Creator Ondi Timoner discusses her new channel and upcoming documentary.

Introducing Waze: Revolutionary Traffic App Startup Company

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A revolutionary startup helping 21 million people save 10 minutes from their daily commutes.

Dean Kamen: Slingshot Inventor, Purifies Water

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See how Segway inventor Dean Kamen’s water purifier can help save 8 million lives a year.

Paige Craig: Transparency, New Paradigm Shift

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Transparency is the new paradigm.

Introducing A Total Disruption: Ondi Timoner’s Portal For Innovators

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A TOTAL DISRUPTION is a web channel by two-time Sundance-winning director, Ondi Timoner, (DIG!, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC), featuring 7 original series and several specials that will feature startup entrepreneurs, accomplishe...