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At first glance, comedian Russell Brand, street artist Shepard Fairey, and cabaret punk rocker Amanda Palmer seem like strange company (and no doubt they are). Yet these creative, often polarizing figures, each working in different artistic media, form three legs of a documentary stool in a trio of short films directed by Ondi Timoner, two-time winner of the Grand Jury prize at Sundance (Dig! and We Live In Public). The project is titled “Chief Executive Artist,” and it’s an exercise in thematic packaging, and disrupting indie distribution. You buy the three films together, and they are best watched in close succession.

“Organizing hundreds of hours of footage and interviews across themes is just a natural thing to do,” says Timoner. “The films have all been theatrically shown and had their own life as independent pieces, but when bringing them to the public, I thought they would make a satisfying meal.”

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