The Nature of the Beast


“The Nature of the Beast” follows the story of Bonnie Jean Foreshaw, the first person to shoot and kill a pregnant woman in the state of Connecticut, which she did while defending herself against a man who was attacking her. She was sentenced to 45 years in prison without the possibility of parole, the longest sentence given to a woman in state history. Bonnie had a gun on her to protect herself from her abusive husband who was stalking her. Her would-be attacker Hector Freeman testified that he pulled a pregnant woman, Joyce Amos, in front of him as a shield before Bonnie accidentally shot and killed her. While both her assailant and victim were complete strangers, Bonnie was nevertheless found guilty of premeditated murder. “The Nature of the Beast” examines how battered women are treated by the American justice system and tells the story of a woman convicted of murder, yet praised as a hero, leader, and mother to other inmates.

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