Introducing Waze: Revolutionary Traffic App Startup Company


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Introducing Waze, a revolutionary startup that’s helping 21 million people save 10 minutes from their daily commutes. The traffic app uses data we provide by driving our cars to gauge the average speed of routes, discover new routes, and even notify you if there are police on the road. You get a top route choice, and then have the option of seeing three alternative routes. If your route suddenly has an accident or construction, Waze will reroute you, saving users time and money as they commute.

Introducing Waze: Wedbush Private Shares Group Logo

LATEST UPDATE: On May 9th 2013, almost a year after our initial coverage of Waze as a revolutionary startup company, Forbes has announced “Facebook In Talks To Buy Waze For $1 Billion.” Congratulations to Waze for a startup amazingly well done!!!

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