A TOTAL DISRUPTION is a web channel by two-time Sundance-winning director, Ondi Timoner, (DIG!, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC), featuring 7 original series and several specials that will feature startup entrepreneurs, accomplished tech wizards, VCs, and angel investors who are using technology in extraordinary ways to improve our lives. We are experiencing a total disruption of every aspect of our lives – an unprecedented shift in human evolution, which will surpass even the industrial revolution in its impact. This “techtonic revolution” is the focus of our channel. Specifically, the channel centers on three distinct groups within the world of technology: Cutting-edge startups that are solving specific problems we have, masters of technology sharing insights as to how and why they created impactful platforms, and inventors/creators who are using technology to improve our health and education. Through 3-5 minute webisodes on the superheroes who are creating the virtual world we inhabit more and more everyday, A TOTAL DISRUPTION will entertain and educate people at large on how to use these innovations to improve their lives. The series will also inspire viewers to take their own ideas and create something meaningful, by taking them on a ride alongside the risk-takers and demonstrating all of the incredible and accessible resources available.

The channel will soft launch in mid-October and continue building a community around the material through to the release of the feature film, also called A TOTAL DISRUPTION, which is scheduled to be completed by December 2013. This is the first time that an online channel will lead a film (and hopefully continue long after it’s release). The idea of A TOTAL DISRUPTION is to invite the audience to connect with the characters in the film, who are solving their problems with technology, and to connect with the filmmakers – who will pull the veil back on the process of making a ground-breaking film. Through the channel, we will not only gain an audience for the feature, but we will introduce audiences to the game-changers leading the tech revolution who will come to populate the feature, and show how they all intertwine and connect to form this new world – a world being changed so quickly and effectively, we often don’t notice it on a broad scale. This channel will allow for the creation of a living, breathing brand which will keep up with the speed of tech and stoke the ecosystem, while educating the audience. Investing in this channel will mean enabling one of the most ambitious efforts in documentary history, due to the scope of the project, it’s unprecedented marketing approach, it’s interactive birth, and the subject matter – which will hopefully allow individuals to see the power technology holds over their lives, and how they can harness it to work for the betterment of the world at large.