Amanda Palmer : Organizing a Ninja Gig


Amanda Palmer Ninja GigIn episode 2 of our CEA (Chief Executive Artist) series featuring musician & social-media maverick, Amanda Palmer, AFP shows artists how to put together a ninja gig. Harnessing her social media popularity, she pulls together an impromptu concert at a Masonic lodge in the midst of SXSW with her trademark riot girl verve.

She addresses the criticism she received over crowd-sourcing (and not paying) musicians, and even interviews one of these musicians onstage, and proposes that the future of distribution can and should be direct.

Most importantly, she asks us not to be afraid of “asking for help,” urging us to say “yes,” and become a part of the natural collaborative process. That is the whole reason we make art, she says.

Curious to see footage from Amanda Palmer’s SXSW Ninja Gig in 2013?

Check out A Total Disruption’s footage, “AMANDA PALMER – NINJA GIG, SXSW 2013”

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