From the acclaimed, two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, Ondi Timoner, founder and CEA (Chief Executive Artist) of Interloper Films comes: A TOTAL DISRUPTION. ATD is an ongoing  “portal of web-series that take the users on the ride alongside the visionary risk-takers of today– those crazy enough to defy all limits to turn their big ideas into reality.”


Timoner initiated A TOTAL DISRUPTION which has been termed a “constantly releasing documentary,” presenting hundreds of webisodes about the top thoughts leaders and cutting-edge innovators who use technology to disrupt outdated industries, empower people, and change the world. ATD is best known for a distinguished series of theatrical shorts designed to empower artists to redefine the rules of engagement using digital technology: OBEY THE ARTIST follows world-renowned graphic artist, Shepard Fairey, and premiered at SXSW ‘14. AMANDA F—ING PALMER ON THE ROCKS about musician and Kickstarter record-breaker, Amanda Palmer, which premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and won BEST SHORT DOC at Sheffield Doc/Fest ‘14. RUSSELL BRANDS THE BIRD about comedian/actor, Russell Brand’s trip to Twitter HQ, premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest ‘14. In 2014, Ondi delivered a popular TEDx talk, “When Genius and Insanity Hold Hands,” tracing the characteristics of the “impossible visionaries” she’s documented in hopes of unlocking the innovators inside all of us.

The seed funds for the project were raised on Kickstarter in 2012, and yielded 150% of their $96,000 goal. ATD has been featured in the LA Times  Forbes & Killer Startups.